April & Anthony

April & Anthony

FUTURE  Bride: April Buchanan
FUTURE  Groom: Anthony Buchanan

Our Wedding Date: 1.619

Who Proposed: April

Proposal Location: Turtle Beach Queensland


We were high school sweethearts, but had different paths to travel.

After both our marriages failed, we crossed paths again, and nothing had changed, we both still  loved one another.

I asked Anthony’s family for their blessing first after 2 years.

I had a banner made up with our photos and race car, with “Anthony will you marry me” and a ring.

We were traveling over to Queensland to race in the titles for speedway.  I had preorganised the proposal with the staff at Mon Repos.

We headed to our tour two days before Xmas day, and I sneakily brought the banner in a bag and gave it to staff and a quick run though.

We had a wonderful tour, watching a beautiful turtle lay and bury her eggs before heading back to sea.

As we made our way back up the boardwalk, I had to tell Anthony to slow down and take his time .

As we got back there were two staff members holding the banner, Anthony had no idea what to say, but “what the hell is this”?

Then after seeing the words he said “of course I’ll marry you” and everyone cheered as we embraced then kissed, and I gave him a ring.

Certainly a time to remember, he was so emotional and didn’t mind me proposing to him.

Best decision I ever made.

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