AWARD WINNERS – doesn’t mean unaffordable

AWARD WINNERS – doesn’t mean unaffordable

Well your down to deciding on the cake.

You want the best, you have trawled Instagram and pinterest and you are flustered.

Start looking on Wedding Suppliers SA and see the creators who have won awards, accolades, so many reviews and have such grand designs so you skip past them because you know you can’t afford them.

***  WRONG – get back there  **** 

It’s YOUR wedding and YOU want the best and can get it, these people have all won awards because they are the best in their field, it doesn’t mean they are out of your price range.

Heidelberg Cakes for example is the most awarded cake shop in Adelaide.

The finest ingredients and care go into every creation that is made and your cake is no different.

But YOU wanted a tiered cake, well that is still affordable, with a 3 tiered cake that

Serves 53-70 people starting at just $258.00.

Anyone can make a cake that can cost a fortune, but IT DOESN’T HAVE TO COST THAT.

You may be paying more for wedding transport which seats 8 than a cake that can feed 70.

You can add flowers and decorations yourself, add some fruit, get creative yourself, but you can also get your cake upscaled with a few decorations, just ask, but you can start with an affordable cake  Simple as that.

So if you are still considering a cake then give the team at Heidelberg a call and be surprised at just how far you dollar will go and yes it can all be supplied from the most awarded cake shop in South Australia.

And don’t forget the free tasting, yum.

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