Bomboniere & Favours – What Are They?

Bomboniere & Favours – What Are They?

Bomboniere or Favours are gifts given by the wedding couple to their guests as a thank you and reminder of the special day.

They can be as unique as the couple and are a great D.I.Y project.

They can be as expensive or inexpensive but the main purpose is to say thank you and enjoy.

They really can be anything you would like to give. Big, small, homemade, purchased, customised, the options are endless.

If you are getting married near Christmas why not have a Christmas bauble or even a pine code, decorated with the persons name and this can also be used as there place name card on the table.  Save some money.

They can be edible, personal, homemade, engraved, everlasting, the list is endless.

They can be as ornate or simple as you like.

Make your own.

Purchase some small boxes and fill with contents of your choice.

Something as simple as soap can be given, anything you choose.

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