Brianon & Mark

Brianon & Mark

FUTURE  Bride:   Brianon Owen
FUTURE  Groom:  Mark Davies

Our Wedding Date:  14.11.2020

Who Proposed:  Mark

Proposal Date:  15.4.18


Mark was just about to start a new job on Monday. He suggested to go spend the day out with the kids at the botanical gardens to celebrate a new job.

It was actually a terrible day. It started raining, we forgot our jackets, the kids were cold so I suggested to not be so long and maybe go somewhere indoors while we at the cafe having lunch in the gardens.

We packed up and stared to move off.

Mark suggested to look in the Amazon water Lilly house, so we did, we went in and had a good look around.

We let the kids have a look and play and he waited till everyone else had left.

Mark then asked if I could take a photo of him and our girls so I did. He crouched down with them and I took the photo..Our kids got off his lap and he stayed on 1 knee, pulled out the ring and asked ‘will you marry me?’

I’ve never cried so much. I almost fell in the pond in shock. I never ever thought he would ask!

Best day ever!

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