Brooke & Samuel

Brooke & Samuel

FUTURE  Bride:   Brooke Trudgen
FUTURE  Groom: Samuel Prosser

Our Wedding Date: TBA

Who Proposed: Sam

Proposal Date: 1.10.18

Proposal Location: New Zealand


Sam carefully planned his incredible proposal and the day was full of unbelievable suprises.

Suprise 1: The car. After telling me he had some errands to run so I should kill time by getting my nails done, Sam rolled up in an Audi R8 in the heart of Queenstown.

Suprise 2: The “picnic”. Sam told me we were taking the car for a drive and stopping for a picnic for lunch. What he didn’t mention until 5 minutes prior was that our transport to that picnic was via helicopter as it was ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN!!

Suprise 3: The question. Once we had landed on a snow covered mountain I immediately started taking photos of the amazing views. When I turned around, Sam was on one knee holding out the most stunning ring I’d ever seen. I then burst into tears as Sam asked me to marry him. I said yes and then cried a lot more.