THEY’RE MARRIED! – Real Weddings

THEY’RE MARRIED! – Real Weddings

Obviously the team at Wedding Suppliers love a wedding.  We thank you all for sharing your day with us, we really appreciate it.

We wish you all, good health, love, laughter and happiness for your future.

Mary & Brad

The team at Wedding Suppliers are huge animal lovers, so we just love, love, love the pics of this lovely couple

which included their horse and was also shot in the beautiful Clare & Gilbert Valley region.

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Joel & Mark

Jude Hines conducted the wedding ceremony for Joel & Mark. CLICK HERE to visit Jude’s listing

Brock & Olivia

The happy couple were married at the beautiful Yatahlia Manor, with so many photographic ops in the one location, this is yet another stunning image from Yatahlia.  Congrats Brock & Olivia.

Venue – Yatahlia Manor

Belle & Talen

Congratulations to Belle & Talen on your special day.

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Kat & Daryl

The knot was literally tied at the medieval wedding of Kat and Daryl. They found the perfect celebrant who embraced the fashion of the event and ensured the theme was started with the ceremony and continued through the reception.

Celebrant – Sherri Dawson

Ben & Christy

Another lovely wedding using the backdrop of some beautiful yesteryear stone masonry.  Love these rustic shots.

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Briony & Brad

Congratulations to Briony and Brad where were married at Mintaro in the Mid North.

Briony and her bridal party were delivered to the ceremony by Briony’s father, who was the chauffeur of the beautiful blue vehicle shown above.  Briony’s father has owned the car since before Briony was born, and likewise, Brad and groomsmen arrived in a Commodore which has been in the family longer than him.

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Chris & Georgette

What a beautiful, lush setting for a special day.  Congrats.

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Melissa & Kane

Venue – Yatahlia Manor

Ethan & Jacqueline

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Karen & Jamie

Massive congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Millard who were married by Deborah Lilley yesterday on their beautiful farm, in front of their surprised (but not so much) loved ones.
Karen and Jamie invited their guests to a housewarming party, as a thank you for all the help they have received to get their farm up and running.
When Deborah arrived cleverly disguised as an @A1hire staff member, it was the worst kept secret in Roxby Downs!!
Before leaving Roxby last week, where they work week on week off, to return to the farm, Karen was approached by her neighbour to wish them well for the BIG DAY.
Clearly, word was getting around, but even so, when Jamie introduced Deborah at the end of his speech thanking all the guests for their help, there was still surprise, cheers, and lots of ‘you kidders’ going around!!
Guests filled their glasses, and the ceremony was held.  Congratulations to you both.
Celebrant – Deborah Lilley

Carly & Tom

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Ashleigh & Sam

Ashleigh and Sam celebrated their picture perfect wedding at Anderson Hill Winery in Lenswood.

Sam and Ashley really stayed true to their wedding journey regardless of what 2020 has thrown at them.  They stayed true to their

commitment to each other on their original wedding date.

It wasn’t easy and they could have postponed, however, they were rewarded with a fabulous day.

Celebrant –Penelope Carrick– Celebrations by Penelope

Katie & Sam

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Amelia & Jarrad

A beautiful day, beautiful ceremony and beautiful couple.

Celebrant –Samuel James

Macy & Justin

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Anna & Richard

With their beautiful children Peita and Charlie, family and friends all present, they joyfully declared their love and commitment to all.

“All you need is LOVE”…

Celebrant –Margo Breyer– Mary Me Margo

Monica & William

One of the biggest dates in 2020 as a wedding date, was 10.10.20 and what a day to remember.

A beautiful ceremony for Monica and William, standing on a Semaphore Beach sand dune, as they shared childhood memories of the jetty with parents and grand parents.

And making new cherished memories as they poured their individual sand colours, forever blending their young family.

Celebrant –Jennifer Attard

Photography – Just Shoot Me Photography

Myles & Batkhishig

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Madison & John

Venue – Yatahlia Manor

Meaghan & Salah

Well, we found the silver lining…Meagham and Salah’s big day with only their 2 witnesses Raja and Faelie, was filled with laughter, love and happiness.

Celebrant –Margo Breyer– Mary Me Margo

Rachel & Nick

Having met in school and many years later Rachel settling in Australia.

Rachelles nearest and dearest zooming (yes COVID) to see their intimate wedding from the USA on the Semaphore beach front, with the steam train tooting in celebration in the back ground, they shared their vows and became husband and wife.


Celebrant – Jennifer Attard

Linda & Marius

A beautiful ceremony at Marybank Farm.

Celebrant – Christine Trenwith

Macy & Justin

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Jorin & Kevin

You know how no matter what you are planning in life, you have had to mov to a Plan B in 2020.  Well Jorin and Kevin enacted Plan C.  So May, (Plan A) well we all know what went wrong, so they came up with October (Plan B).  However, in July, they thought , nope, we are not hanging around for anyone or anything.  Lets just do this!

Celebrant –Penelope Carrick– Celebrations by Penelope

Nicole & Blake

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Sharon & Peter

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Diana & Jeffrey

Organised is how to describe this couple.

During this COVID time, Diana and Jeffrey organised a ceremony in four weeks.  Just five people, streamed interstate and the Philippines on the day.

When life is easier a Celebration Ceremony will be held for all to enjoy and share.

The main aim is to be married and they are.  Congratulations.

Celebrant –Shelley Roylance

Natasha & Phillip

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Vicki & Peter

Congratulations on your elopement.  We are seeing more of these during this COVID period. Still a brilliant day and so emotional.  Lovely.

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

James & Andrew

It rained on your wedding day.  You had to let it inside half way through the ceremony but not once did your smiles or spirit fade.

A great day.

Celebrant –Penelope Carrick– Celebrations by Penelope

Sarah & Tom

It was a perfect day for Tom and Sarah’s wedding!

The pics say it all; a stunning bride and handsome groom, the proud faces of the boys, Murphy, Ollie, Max & Adam, the gorgeous flower girls Lucy and Abby.

The idyllic setting at Ten Miles East Winery and it all equates to one big happy family.

Celebrant –Margo BreyerMary Me Margo

Deanne & Danny

What a stunning day, perfect weather, happy people, love all around.  Gorgeous.

Celebrant – Christine Trenwith

Maddee & Stuart

Spring is in the air and what a fabulous day to sign up for a life time of each other on their wedding day.

Sharing the love story and personal promises of Maddee and Stuart were close family and friends.

Celebrant –Jennifer Attard

Lucy & Michael

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Li & Zewen

A beautiful “legals only” marriage at Glenelg North.

It is a very trying time for everyone at the moment, but people just want to be married.

Celebrant – Christine Trenwith

Emily and Douglas

Emily and Doug were originally getting married in the registry office but had to shift when guest restrictions were put in place, and they got a bit downhearted 😔.

And then they found celebrant, Deborah Lilley, and the planning was back on in full swing!!!

It was a couple/celebrant match made in heaven, as just like Deborah they were Star Wars fans 👍

When Deborah is chatting with couples about their ceremony details, one thing they are asked is which of Deborah’s many pens would they like to use.

Emily and Doug chose my white feather pen as there was a significant meaning for them ❤ All good white pen it is 👍

When Deborah arrived at their ceremony, THE BEST pen holder EVER awaited her unworthy feather pen…. yes, a Darth Vader pen holder.

A wonderful ceremony and day was had by all, and the memories will stay for life – a very long and happy life.

Celebrant – Deborah Lilley

Kathryn & Mitchell

Kathryn was a gorgeous, sassy bride and Mitchell was a proud and debonaire groom…all in all, a magical day!

Celebrant –Margo Breyer– Mary Me Margo

Emma & Michael

A beautiful Irish Country Wedding set in Strathalbyn.

Celebrant – Christine Trenwith

Ainsley & Luke

Ainsley & Luke chose the beautiful Silvestri’s of Clarendon as a backdrop for their Elopement Wedding.

With the year of COVID there were restrictions, however, nothing stopped the bride’s family connecting all the way from USA.  A very emotional and perfect ceremony.

Celebrant –Jennifer Attard

Location –Silvestri’s Of Clarendon

Bunary & Shane

Contratulations on your wedding at the St Francis Winery with beautiful photography by Lyndal Gibson Photography (a 5 Star Supplier).

Location –St Francis Winery

Photography – Lyndal Gibson Photography

Sabine & YB

Sabine & YB were married at the Soldiers Memorial Park on a stunning day in a ceremony that was heart felt and beautiful.

Celebrant – Christine Trenwith

Lisa & Justin

When Lisa and Justin got to share their love story and their personal vows, the rain held off and all was perfect.

Celebrant –Jennifer Attard

Photography – DianaM Photography

Kevin & Mark (May the force be with you)

Congratulations to Kevin and Mark, it has been one year since they were married.

They were kind enough to share their wedding day with us and it looked like a great time was had by all.

One of the best entertaining wedding we have seen for quite some time.

Everything from Star Wars

to Princess Laya and drag queens, what more could you want.

A wonderful couple and a great day.

Enjoy these pics and thanks for sharing them with us guys.

Entertainment –Princess Laya

Daniel and Ashleigh

Congratulations to Daniel and Ashleigh who chose the stunning Yatahlia Manor as their wedding location.

A beautiful day and a stunning location.

Location – Yatahlia Manor

Photography by Verity Edgecomb

Chris & Raiene

An earlier than planned wedding day, thanks to COVID, their day was still very special and beautiful in

their home with their 2 witnesses, along with all family watching from overseas and interstate via video conference.

Still a great day.

Celebrant – Christine Trenwith

Stephen & Rosanne

A perfect day for a spring wedding.  With the sounds of the Sturt brook running, a willow tree as the arbour as these two said “I do”.

A short and sweet story sharing their 7 years in the making with their nearest and dearest.

A great day.

Celebrant –Jennifer Attard

Jess and Ben

Jess and Ben were married at the beautiful Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

This is me staying out of the way as you exchange your vows… You don’t need me there in the middle, so why would I stand there?

Don’t be told that a Celebrant MUST stand in the middle, I move around all over the place, but am still right by your side when you need me for support!

Celebrant – Deborah Lilley

Photo credit: Bliss Images

Ely & Ryan

A beautiful day and beautiful scenery.

Celebrant – Christine Trenwith

Kirsten and Steve

Congratulations to Kirsten and Steve on your recent wedding.

Kirsten and Steve chose the Old Oval Estate and McLaren Vale as the location.

A beautiful family ceremony was had with a very special four legged ring bearer who had the much envied job as not only ring bearer but best dog.

A family sand ceremony was held and a great day was had.

Celebrant – Deborah Lilley

Shauna and Jesse

Congratulations to Shauna and Jesse who were married on the 4th of May.

Yes, the fourth was with them at this Star Wars wedding.  A great time had by those who could attend, which was limited by COVID-19, but that did not dampen the fun, frivolity, and joy of the day.

Deborah Lilley, one of our most popular celebrants, was the lucky one to venture on the bright side and make their day so special.

Celebrant – Deborah Lilley

Emma & Jake

Jake and Emma met one evening when Emma wandered into Jake’s father’s shop Paddy Pallin on Rundle Street, looking for climbing shoes. Interest continued to develop over the next few months whenever they met at the climbing gym or at the Shop, however, it wasn’t until Emma was invited to come out climbing with Jake and his father that love really started to grow!

Jake and Emma contacted me at the beginning of 2019 enquiring about their 2020 wedding which was to be held in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens with a reception to follow at Ayers house! Needless to say, I was very excited – both of these locations are amazing and have fantastic photo opportunities so I could hardly wait.

Well, the months ticked by, and the time counted down…and then Covid- 19 developed…and spread. A week before their wedding I crossed my fingers that there would be no effect on their wedding day plans. Then two days before the date I received a phone call from Emma and Jake – there wouldn’t be any reception at Ayers house because of the new restrictions! However, Emma and Jake strove on in the face of the new challenges and continued with their ceremony, albeit with a few minor changes!

It couldn’t have been a more picture-perfect autumn day. Emma looked stunning as she walked down the aisle towards a nervously waiting Jake. In fact, Jake was so nervous he managed to drop the wedding rings…twice! It was an absolutely gorgeous ceremony, supported by the beautiful outlook from Araucaria avenue in the botanic gardens. After some relaxed wedding photos, Emma and Jake ended their day with a picnic at Botanic park with family and friends and many commented that the more relaxed setting was just as nice, if not better, than a formal reception. The day may not have run exactly as planned, but it was definitely beautiful and memorable in all the right ways!

Blog by Hannah Scott

Photography – In The Moment Photography

Leah & Nick

Congratulations on an unforgettable elopement ceremony.

Tying the knot with their gorgeous family.  SO much fun, laughter, and emotions…just at it should be.

Celebrant –Jennifer Attard

Adebe & Andrew

A beautiful surprise wedding. The day was calm, clear, and not too hot.  A koala viewing the ceremony from his perch in a tree.

When asked who was giving this girl away, her father was completely stunned for a moment or two, after all it was a surprise to everyone.

The amazement on people’s faces really sank in as the bride and father were led to the celebrant.

Their daughters Abby and Samira handed mum and dad the rings.

Abby looked like a fairy from a storybook in her red fairy dress.

It was a beautiful, moving and loving day.

Celebrant – Angela Limberis

Phoebe & Michael

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Tass & Matt

Celebrant – Angela Limberis

Photography by TB Photography

Alyssa & Jason

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Nicole & John

The sun shone on the wedding ceremony for John & Nicole.

The ceremony was in a gorgeous setting. Family and friends celebrated with the couple on their special day.

Nicole said of Mary, “You made our day so personal and went above and beyond in every way. You are a beautiful soul.”

What a wonderful recommendation for Mary.

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Sarah & Ben

With the amazing wetlands at Mawson Lakes as the backdrop the ceremony was enjoyed by their family and friends also.

A gorgeous setting for a wedding ceremony.

Our congratulations to the newlyweds.

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Lindsay & Jess

Congratulations to Lindsay & Jess on your recent wedding.

The ceremony included their 3 gorgeous boys and family and friends.

It looks like a great day creating wonderful memories.

From all of us here at Wedding Suppliers SA we wish you a lifetime of health and happiness with your lovely children.

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Darren & Dani

Congratulations to Dani & Darren on their gorgeous wedding at the beautiful Haines Reserve on a perfect evening.

Surrounded by family and friends the service concluded with an Irish blessing.

Mary Odgers authorised Marriage Celebrant conducted the ceremony in the lovely setting.

What a lovely wedding and such a beautiful afternoon/evening.

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Hayley & Greg

A mid-week wedding was celebrated in the back garden of their home.

The joining of families to create a beautiful, moving ceremony and day.

Celebrant –Jennifer Attard

Irene & Mark

A beach themed wedding with their family was chosen by Mark and Irene.

Irene’s mother Angela Limberis is a Marriage Celebrant who attended to the ceremony with great pride.

What a gorgeous picture and from all of us at Wedding Suppliers SA, we wish you a lifetime of health and happiness. We think the smiles say it all.

Thank you Angela, Irene and Mark for allowing us to share your photo.

Celebrant – Angela Limberis

Karen & Danny

Karen and Danny were recently married at their beautiful home.

Surrounded by family and friends on a perfect summer day the celebration was enjoyed by all.

It looked like a wonderful ceremony in a special location – their own backyard. It was made over for the big day and looks magnificent.

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Renae & Daniel

Renae and Daniel were married on the 15th of February on the banks of the Murray River at Mannum, SA. Their proposal was a funny story. On Christmas day Daniel asked Renae to follow him with her eyes closed. Renae was very excited…she thought that she was getting a thermomix as a gift! Instead she found Daniel down on one knee with a gorgeous ring!

I met the girls at Mannum hair design on the morning of the wedding where they were enjoying a bit of pampering and quality time together before walking down the aisle. Renae and Daniel have an adorable little girl named Olivia who had they had managed to convince to have a midday sleep (for anyone who isn’t a parent out there this is a pretty remarkable effort on any day – let alone a wedding day with all the hustle and bustle!). As the time for dressing approached Renae decided to wake Olivia up from her sleep…and was rewarded with tears. In a desperate bid to console her we offered food (a shortbread biscuit) which consequently was featured in all of the photos!

At 2.30pm the cars rumbled down to the park beside the river where Daniel was patiently waiting and eagerly anticipating his bride’s arrival. As Renae stepped from the car and walked down the aisle, Daniel’s tears began and hardly stopped right throughout the ceremony!

They celebrated their reception at the Mannum Community club, SA afterward where they danced the night away to some awesome tunes provided by DJ Simo. It was truly a magnificent day and I wish them both all the best as they begin their life together as Mr and Mrs.

Blog by Hannah Scott

Photography – In The Moment Photography

Natalie & Luke

Congrats to Natalie and Luke who were married recently and driven in comfort by Adelaide Wedding Cars.

From collection to ceremony and ceremony to reception and then away again, they were driven in style in this beautiful vehicle, which stands out with the gorgeous white tyres.

No doubt people would have been tooting and waving as they saw Natalie and Luke being driven to their wedding.

The vehicle was supplied by Adelaide Wedding Cars and buffed to perfection.  It looks stunning, almost as good as the happy couple.

Congratulations again and enjoy your life as a married couple.

Transport – Adelaide Wedding Cars

Harinder & Gawinder

Congratulations to Harinder & Gawinder who were recently married and then driven to the beautiful Adelaide Botanic Gardens for wedding photographs to be taken.

The colours looked divine, the richness of the wedding gown goes beautifully with the vintage car.

You do not have to have a white wedding car, they do come in other colours and this is something that was obviously considered by Harinder and Gawinder as the colour blends so well.

Congratulations again and enjoy your life as a married couple.

Transport – Adelaide Wedding Cars

Lauren & Josh

Congratulations to Lauren & Josh who were recently married at Waterfall Gully and arrived on time with the assistance of American British Chauffeurs.

Transport – American British Chauffeurs

Susan & Jimmy

Congratulations to Susan & Jimmy who were recently married in Kersbrook.

Celebrant –Sherri Dawson

Marion & Rod

Congratulations to Marion & Rod who were recently married in Gawler.

Celebrant –Sherri Dawson

Nikeshia & Jamie

Congratulations to Nikeshia & Jamie who were recently married at Botanical Park at Pooraka.

Celebrant –Sherri Dawson

Mandy & Kurtis

Congratulations to Mandy & Kurtis who were married at the beautiful Veale Gardens in Adelaide.

Celebrant –Sherri Dawson

Kirsty & Jared

Congratulations to Kirsty & Jared who were married at Christies Beach.

Celebrant –Sherri Dawson

Brooke & Hector

Congratulations to Brooke & Hector who were married at the Adelaide Oval on October 25th.

Congratulations again.

Celebrant –Sherri Dawson

Bianca, James & Walnut

Congratulations to Bianca & James who were recently married at Uleybury Winery under the watchful eye of Walnut.

And absolutely lovely photo and as we here at Wedding Suppliers love animals this really made us smile.

Congratulations again.

Celebrant – Sherri Dawson

Jo & Matt

Congratulations to Jo and Matt who were recently married on a lovely day here in Adelaide.

Both bride and groom looked stunning on November 23rd at their Adelaide Zoo wedding.

Celebrant –Sherri Dawson

Photography by Just Believe Photography

Emma & Stuart

Congratulations to Emma and Stuart who were recently married in the beautiful Kuitpo Forest.

The vehicles were supplied by American British Chauffeurs and as we here at Wedding Suppliers love Jags,

well, we just had to put photos up.

Emma and Stuart certainly picked the perfect vehicles for their special day, and they looked stunning, along with the couple.

Thank you so much for sharing your day and photos with us, we appreciate it.

Transport – American British Chauffeurs

Courtney & William

Very much in love, William and Courtney celebrated their wedding with family and friends.

Mary Odgers authorised Marriage Celebrant conducted the ceremony in a gorgeous setting.

We think the smiles on their faces say it all. What a wonderful couple and thanks to Mary for sharing the pics with us.

Our best wishes go to the newlyweds and we hope you have a life filled with love and laughter.

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Nes & Sam

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Ruchi & Ketan

Congratulations to Ruchi and Ketan.

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Cathy & Bron

Cathy and Bron, after 27 years, two beautiful souls now wife and wife.

Celebrant –Mary Odgers

Kira & Dan

Congratulations to Kira and Dan.

Photography – In The Moment Photography

Toia & Dave

Congratulations to Toia and Dave Richter who were recently married on a lovely day here in Adelaide.

Both bride and groom looked stunning and the bridal party glowed.

A great day was had and some gorgeous photographs have been supplied for us to share in their joy.

The vehicles were supplied by American British Chauffeurs and as we here at Wedding Suppliers love Jags, well we just had to put lots of photos up.

Toia and Dave certainly picked the perfect vehicles for their special day and they looked stunning, along with the couple.

Trevor was the chauffeur and is seen in the photographs and ensured that the bride and groom arrived to their destinations on time and in style.

Transport – American British Chauffeurs

Bianca & Nick

Nick & Bianca are true country people – so it naturally made sense that they celebrate their union at a farm…their farm in Nildottie SA to be specific. My family and I were generously invited out to visit Nick and Bianca’s farm in December of last year – I love the opportunity to scout out locations prior to photographing them so I jumped at the invitation. We had a beautiful barbecue (where my darling children did some old fashioned charming – crying over sausages and generally menacing the kitten!) and we took a drive around the farm to view different locations. Needless to say, I was pretty excited for their wedding day – it’s not every day you get to photograph on a cliff top right next to the Murray River!

Bianca and Nick were amazingly relaxed when I arrived. Bianca had already finished with her hair and make-up (‘Why wait?! I’d rather get it over with’ is what she said to me), while Nick and the groomsmen went out for some clay target shooting before getting ready.

The couple were married in an old barn which was unbelievably charming, although a bit toasty at the same time. Luckily, Pastor Harry is amazing at conducting a very quick ceremony – although he did have a little bit of trouble with a few of the names throughout it!

After some family photos we then set off around the farm to the locations we had scouted out and enjoyed some laughs and fun as we worked.

For their reception Nick & Bianca decked out their shed with tables and chairs and guests were treated to a beautiful roast dinner with cup cakes for dessert before everyone danced into the night (or sat comfortably next to small fires outside). It was truly an amazing wedding in a beautiful location.

Blog by Hannah Scott

Photography – In The Moment Photography

Kate & Mark

Kate and Mark were recently wed at the beautiful Sunnybrae Estate.

Photography supplied by Danielle McPherson Photography

Transport – Kombis4U

Lisa & Davide

Some beautiful picys of Lisa and Davide on their special day.

Photography supplied by James Field Photography

Transport – Kombis4U

Christine & Mark

Congratulations Christine and Mark.

Celebrant – Mary Odgers

Hannah & Daniel

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Olivia & Edward

Edward and Olivia’s love story began at the Murraylands Trainee and apprentice awards evening. Edward spotted Olivia across the room and thought that she ‘Looked pretty hot’ but, feeling a little shy, chickened out from talking to her and decided to fill up on the buffet instead. Edwards future sister in law noticed and decided to do a little bit of match making, asking for Olivia’s number and writing it in lipstick on a napkin for him. This, together with a little bit of encouragement from Edward’s boss, led first to phone messages and eventually dates and the ever ominous ‘first family meetings’. Skip ahead a year on a quiet evening at home found Edward mustering up the nerve to propose.

Edward and Olivia chose to get married at the Littlehampton Agapanthus Farm in Littlewood on May the 4th (officially Star Wars day, though we weren’t allowed to wear star wars costumes). It was an overcast autumn day (just perfect for photos), with a slight chill in the air but the couple never noticed because they only had eyes for one another. Edward didn’t disappoint, tearing up before Olivia even began walking down the aisle! Their first kiss was interesting too – with Edward falling into his new bride on the slight incline, then attempting to cover it up with an awkward hug before Olivia could be heard suggesting ‘Do you want to try that again?!’

It was a beautiful afternoon, filled with lots of laughter and fun, leading into a beautiful wedding reception at the Aston Hills Golf Club in Mount Barker where – as was only fitting – everyone filled up on a buffet for dinner! We wish you both all the best for your married life and thank you for the opportunity to capture these memories of your special day.

From the team at Wedding Suppliers SA, we wish you good health, love and laughter in your new life as a couple.

Blog by Hannah Scott

Photography – In The Moment Photography

Ali & Jason

Here at Wedding Suppliers we love to see your wedding photos and here is a beautiful shot of Ali & Jason who were recently married with the care and assistance of celebrant Bob McGilchrist.

Ali and Jason chose the beautiful Bethany Reserve in the Barossa Valley for the wedding and were surrounded by friends and family, and it was a beautiful day.

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Brittany & Christian

Congratulations to Brittany and Christian married on a beautiful day.

A great day was had by all.

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Stephanie & Mathew

Here at Wedding Suppliers we love to see your wedding photos and here is a beautiful shot of Stephanie and Mathew who were recently married with the care and assistance of celebrant Bob McGilchrist.

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Lisa & Lee

Lisa and Lee were married at Burbrook Forest in January this year.

It really does look like a beautiful calming place to have a wedding ceremony.

From the team at Wedding Suppliers we wish you love, laughter and happiness for your future as a married couple.

Transport – Kombis4U

Loren & Max

Big hugs and congrats to Loren and Max who had their wedding day ceremony at Burbrook Forest.

From the team at Wedding Suppliers we wish you love, laughter and happiness for your future as a married couple.

Transport – Kombis4U

Lisa & Michael

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Tahnee & Nik

Congratulations to Tahnee & Nik, another lovely couple to become one.

Tahnee and Nik held their ceremony at the beautiful Soldiers Memorial Gardens in Port Elliot.

From the team at Wedding Suppliers we wish you love, laughter, and happiness for your future as a married couple.

Transport – Kombis4U

Michael & Nicole

Michael and Nicole enjoyed a perfect day for their wedding conducted by Jude Hines.

CLICK HERE to visit Jude’s listing

Danni & Paul


Photography – Lyndal Gibson Photography

Sarah & Matthew

Photography – Lyndal Gibson Photography

Kyall & Cherie

Kyall and Cherie were married at Barbaringa

Christie & Anthony

Celebrant – Bob McGilchrist

Yana & Mark

Photography – Rebekah Bianca Photography

Sally & Mick

A beautiful ceremony was conducted for the wedding of Sally & Mick. Jude Hines officiated.

CLICK HERE to visit Jude’s listing