Jessica & Jack

Jessica & Jack

FUTURE  Bride:   Jessica Doughty
FUTURE  Groom:  Jack Morgan

Our Wedding Date:  17.10.2020

Who Proposed:  Jack

Where/When was the Proposal: Brighton Beach 1st of January 2019


Jack had originally planned to propose at 11:59pm on New Years Eve 2018 in hopes that by the time I said “yes” it would be the next year so he could say that he proposed and it took me a whole year to say yes ha ha.  This was to happen on the beach.  However, we didn’t make it to midnight as we decided to head back to where we were staying and fell asleep.

So the next day I thought we were to head straight home, however, Jack decided to take a detour to Brighton beach.

We strolled along the beach,, it was a nice sunny day, we then found a small sand bar that Jack lead me out to.

I was staring out at the ocean , turned around, Jack smiled at me and said “it’s only taken me 7 years, will you marry me/”

The seven years is an inside joke, he always said he wouldn’t propose until after 7 years, he stuck to his word. haha.

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