Kate & Neadley

Kate & Neadley

The Proposal as told by Kate.

I came home from a stressful day at work, late on a Wednesday Night.

As I approached the front door I saw flickering lights through the glass panel and for a second freaked out.

When I opened the door I saw that is was hundreds of tea light candles.  They were arranged in a pathway for me to follow from the front door, through the passage, into the living room and leading to the dining table.

It was dark and I called out for Tom but there as no sign of him.

The table was covered in rose peals and I could see a big lump of them in the middle.

I put my stuff down and went looking for Tom.  He jumped out from behind the couch and surprised me.

He guided me back to the table and told me to dig through the petals, so I did.

At the bottom of the pile there was a ring box.

My heart skipped a beat and I excitedly opened it but it was empty!

I turned around to look at Tom and he was down on one knee holding the most perfect engagement ring.

I don’t even remember what I said besides jumping up and down and turning into a blubbering mess!.

My answer clearly a YES though.

Tom then opened a bottle of Moet champagne made in the year that we first met, 2008, and we celebrated together until late into the night.

It was absolutely perfect and the best night of my life!.

WEDDING  DATE:  November 2019