Kelly & Bevan

Kelly & Bevan

FUTURE  Bride:  Kelly Woodrow
FUTURE  Groom: Bevan Jones

Our Wedding Date:  2020

Who Proposed:  Bevan

Proposal Date:  26.1.19  Australia Day,

Proposal Location:    Glenelg Beach at Sunset


It’s a long story.

Went for dinner just the 2 of us at The Promenade (a fancy restaurant on the beachfront at Glenelg).

Bevan told me 2 of our friends were coming, they cancelled just before we left (the table was only booked for 2 though, so I asked if he rang and changed it lol). Bevan got the mate and his wife that were meant to come to dinner with us to go to our house and get Eddy (our dog).

Meanwhile we got ice creams from Copenhagen for dessert and it was so windy his ice cream was dripping everywhere haha.

Bevan said we should watch the sunset on the beach. He was cold and it was very windy so I said go back to the car and get a towel and blanket for us.

He was gone for what seemed ages and then he returned with Eddy wrapped up in a blanket with the ring in the box tied with a ribbon to Eddy’s harness. (I was worried he popped home and got Eddy or had him in the boot!! Thank goodness he had more sense than that)

So he did it at Glenelg beach at sunset and he got his mate and his wife to video it xx