Proposal Stories – Congrats To All Couples

Proposal Stories – Congrats To All Couples

Well, what can we say but CONGRATULATIONS.

We love it when couples share their proposal stories with us. A proposal story is unique and a time you will never forget.

From the team here at Wedding Suppliers SA we wish you Love, Laughter, Joy and Hugs.

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FUTURE  Bride: Sally Kraft
FUTURE  Groom: Luke Gregor

Our Wedding Date: 22/02/2020

Who Proposed: Luke

Proposal Location: Granite Island 31.8.19


Luke told me to keep the particular saturday night free as he had tickets to a show.

On the day he rocked up at my house when i finished work and told me to pack an overnight bag and that we were going for a drive.

We ended up at Victor Harbour, checked in at our accommodation and Luke suggested we take a walk as we had time before the show.

So we walked around Granite Island, sat on a bench seat watching the sunset and chatting, he got up and got down on one knee and proposed!!

Turned out there was no tickets to a show! His proposal was the show!!

And he had been  to my parents house that morning to ask for their blessing!


FUTURE  Bride: Alyssa Lumsden
FUTURE  Groom: Steven McMichan

Our Wedding Date: 17.4.21

Who Proposed: Dillon

Proposal Date: 7.12.19

Wedding Date:  12.12.20

Proposal Location: My parents home


Every year my parents host a Christmas party for their colleagues and our family friends.  At this party my dad dresses up as Santa and gives gifts to the children and a small gimmicky present to the adults. While this happens, I act as Santa’s helper to read him the names.

Just as Santa arrived, Steven told me that he had to get his gift last as he has a present for Santa.

When Santa called out Steve’s name, Steve approached and said “thanks for the gift, but I would like something else”.

Santa asked what he would like, to which Steve replied “I would like Alyssa” and got down on one knee in front of about 60 people (which is huge for him)!!

Of course I said yes!!


FUTURE  Bride: April Buchanan
FUTURE  Groom: Anthony Buchanan

Our Wedding Date: 1.619

Who Proposed: April

Proposal Location: Turtle Beach Queensland


We were high school sweethearts, but had different paths to travel.

After both our marriages failed, we crossed paths again, and nothing had changed, we both still  loved one another.

I asked Anthony’s family for their blessing first after 2 years.

I had a banner made up with our photos and race car, with “Anthony will you marry me” and a ring.

We were traveling over to Queensland to race in the titles for speedway.  I had preorganised the proposal with the staff at Mon Repos.

We headed to our tour two days before Xmas day, and I sneakily brought the banner in a bag and gave it to staff and a quick run though.

We had a wonderful tour, watching a beautiful turtle lay and bury her eggs before heading back to sea.

As we made our way back up the boardwalk, I had to tell Anthony to slow down and take his time .

As we got back there were two staff members holding the banner, Anthony had no idea what to say, but “what the hell is this”?

Then after seeing the words he said “of course I’ll marry you” and everyone cheered as we embraced then kissed, and I gave him a ring.

Certainly a time to remember, he was so emotional and didn’t mind me proposing to him.

Best decision I ever made.


FUTURE  Bride: Jessica Lewis
FUTURE  Groom: Dillon Gabel

Our Wedding Date: 17.4.21

Who Proposed: Dillon

Proposal Date: 6.5.19

Proposal Location: Home


The night of the 6th of May I had just got home from work, where my now fiancee was cooking our favourite meal (chicken Alfredo) and had lit up our lounge room with many candles to set a romantic scene.

I had no idea what was happening at the time until after I’d been to change into my pj’s, walked out into the lounge room to look for a book only to turn around to my fiancee holding the most gorgeous ring in his hands and said “baby, will you marry me”?


FUTURE  Bride:  Tylah Corbett
FUTURE  Groom: Joshua Mundy

Our Wedding Date: 8.8.20

Who Proposed: Joshua

Proposal Date: 30.6.19

Proposal Location: Home


It was my birthday & Joshua treated me to a nice birthday lunch in Quorn.

On our drive home I could tell he was feeling nervous but I didn’t say anything because I started feeling nervous too with a slight little thought on my brain that today might be the day!

When we got home Josh presented me with a birthday cake he made all on his own with my favourite pastel colours and flowers, he told me to serve myself up a slice while he was ‘getting changed’.

I’m a massive lover of food so immediately dove into my piece of cake when I heard the floor creak behind me.

I turned around and there Josh was holding the ring box, I had a mouth full of food and immediately started ugly crying (not one of my finest moments but a very fitting one) & that’s when he asked me marry him to which I joyfully accepted & swallowed my cake so I wouldn’t choke from excitement.


FUTURE  Bride:  Lauren Gough
FUTURE  Groom: Daniel Burton

Our Wedding Date: 4.4.2020

Who Proposed: Daniel

Proposal Date: 15.2.19

Proposal Location: Melbourne


Dan told me he had an important job interview in Melbourne on a Friday afternoon and because the interview was so late, the company would be flying him to Melbourne and putting him up in a nice hotel for the night. He said we should just pay for my flight and an extra night and make it a little weekend getaway.

Dan flew to Melbourne early in the day and I was meeting him at the hotel around 6pm.

When I got there, Dan met me in the lobby and took me to our room on the 21st floor. He showed me around the room and said we even had our own balcony, did I want to see it? He pulled back the curtain and on a huge balcony there was a big sign saying “Marry Me” covered in gorgeous flowers. My favourite love song was playing and the balcony looked out over the Melbourne CBD. Dan even had a photographer there to capture every second.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and it was a very tearful yes.

The photographer stayed with us for an hour or so and now we have the most gorgeous pictures to keep. Dan thought of absolutely everything.

P.S. there was no job interview


FUTURE  Bride:  Emily Yard
FUTURE  Groom: Owen Perry

Our Wedding Date: 24.10.2020

Who Proposed: Owen

Proposal Date: 19.3.19

Proposal Location: At home in our lounge room


I was heavily pregnant at the time of Owen popping the question.

I was slumped on our couch like a beached whale looking something like Oscar the Grouch and Hagrids love child when Owen entered the room with a book titled ‘For Emily’.

When I opened the book I knew that it was going to be a cracker with the first page depicting Owen in his usual jeans and a flannelette shirt half unbuttoned to display his beer belly with his hands caressing it in a form of a love heart- you know, the kind of pose that pregnant women take when they’re glowing and showing their bump off to the world like a fierce lioness prowling proudly through the Sahara.

With his beer belly on show for a few more hilariously posed photos, and tears of laughter running down my cheeks I reached near the end of the book where the photos took more of a serious turn displaying Owen in his best suit looking out over the top of Quarry Hill Lookout in the Clare Valley and finally the last page with him on one knee with a sparkle in his eye and a grin I see only in his proudest moments captioned  “You are my Angel, you are my life, I’d love for you to be my wife”

In that moment he once again got down on one knee – this time in the flesh, and asked me to marry him. It was by far the funniest book I’ve ever read and makes for such a great keepsake. Obviously I said yes 😊


FUTURE  Bride:  Carolyn Nourse
FUTURE  Groom: Dylan Jones

Our Wedding Date: 1.2.2020

Who Proposed: Dylan

Proposal Date: February 2018

Proposal Location: Port Willunga Beach


Dylan drove us down to Port Willunga beach (my favourite place) on our 7th anniversary, for a walk before brekky.

On the way back up I stopped to take photos of the jetty ruins and took forever to get a shot I was happy with.

Meanwhile Dylan thought I was going to turn around and kept getting on one knee ready, but I never did haha.

So finally he just said let’s go, I turned around and he was on one knee with a ring, proceeded to tell me how nervous he was, then asked me to marry him!


FUTURE  Bride:  Biancah Gyeped
FUTURE  Groom: Jarrad McPhee

Our Wedding Date: 17.01.2020

Who Proposed: Jarrad

Proposal Date: 21.12.2016

Proposal Location: Lincoln Park Zoo


Jarrad and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo zoolights.

We were drinking hot mead and it was snowing.

We saw polar bears and seals having a great time in the snow and there were Christmas lights everywhere. It was so beautiful!

There was a ferris wheel and Jarrad suggested we go on so we could see all of Chicago and the zoo.

When we were on the top of the ferris wheel, it stopped and started snowing a little heavier, but it was so soft and Jarrad turned to me and asked me to marry him. He had the ring. It was perfect!

Then classic Jarrad when we got off thefFerris wheel there was a girl who had seen what  happened and screamed, congratulating us and Jarrad got shy and ran away.

It was just so us and so perfect!


FUTURE  Bride:   Jessica Doughty
FUTURE  Groom:  Jack Morgan

Our Wedding Date:  17.10.2020

Who Proposed:  Jack

Where/When was the Proposal: Brighton Beach 1st of January 2019


Jack had originally planned to propose at 11:59pm on New Years Eve 2018 in hopes that by the time I said “yes” it would be the next year so he could say that he proposed and it took me a whole year to say yes ha ha.  This was to happen on the beach.  However, we didn’t make it to midnight as we decided to head back to where we were staying and fell asleep.

So the next day I thought we were to head straight home, however, Jack decided to take a detour to Brighton beach.

We strolled along the beach,, it was a nice sunny day, we then found a small sand bar that Jack lead me out to.

I was staring out at the ocean , turned around, Jack smiled at me and said “it’s only taken me 7 years, will you marry me/”

The seven years is an inside joke, he always said he wouldn’t propose until after 7 years, he stuck to his word. haha.


FUTURE  Bride:   Jessica Lewis
FUTURE  Groom:  Dillon Gabel

Our Wedding Date:  17.4.21

Who Proposed:  Dillon

Where/When was the Proposal: At home on 6th of May 2019


The night of the 6th of May, I had just gotten home from work, where my now fiancee was cooking our favourite meal, (chicken Alfredo) and had lit up our lounge room with many candles to set a romantic scene.

I had no idea what was happening at the time until after I’d been to change into my pj’s, walked out into the lounge room to look for a book only to turn around to my now fiancee holding the most gorgeous ring in his hands and said “baby, will you marry me?”

I said YES.


FUTURE  Bride:   Karyn Taylor
FUTURE  Groom:  Micheal McNamara

Our Wedding Date:  01.10.22

Who Proposed:  Micheal

Where/When was the Proposal: Movies at Noarlunga on 17th Feb 2019


We were sitting in the car outside of the cinema and he couldn’t wait till we got out. He looked at me took, took the ring box of his pocket and asked me then and there. I immediately said yes and grinned like a fool the whole way through the horror movie we saw.


FUTURE  Bride:   Samara Huxtable
FUTURE  Groom:  Dion Bavaresco

Our Wedding Date:  22.2.2020

Who Proposed:  Dion


Dion took me away on a surprise get away to the beautiful secluded villas called Pike river near Berri SA. They were very Luxurious and private, the villa balcony over looked the pike river.

The second night of our stay we were just relaxing enjoying a glass of wine waiting for the sunset. As the sun prepares to go down Dion grabbed the Camera and asked me to take photos of the sunset.

So I stood up and took some beautiful pictures of the sunset, photos I now treasure for a reminder of that special moment. Dion then asked if he could ask me something…. so I turn around to find him on one knee asking that special question “will you Marry me”! Of course I said yes while a blubber mess!

We spent the rest of the evening over looking the river and enjoying the Sunset.

It was a perfect surprise! Well worth the 6 year wait!


FUTURE  Bride:   Brianon Owen
FUTURE  Groom:  Mark Davies

Our Wedding Date:  14.11.2020

Who Proposed:  Mark

Proposal Date:  15.4.18


Mark was just about to start a new job on Monday. He suggested to go spend the day out with the kids at the botanical gardens to celebrate a new job.

It was actually a terrible day. It started raining, we forgot our jackets, the kids were cold so I suggested to not be so long and maybe go somewhere indoors while we at the cafe having lunch in the gardens.

We packed up and stared to move off.

Mark suggested to look in the Amazon water Lilly house, so we did, we went in and had a good look around.

We let the kids have a look and play and he waited till everyone else had left.

Mark then asked if I could take a photo of him and our girls so I did. He crouched down with them and I took the photo..Our kids got off his lap and he stayed on 1 knee, pulled out the ring and asked ‘will you marry me?’

I’ve never cried so much. I almost fell in the pond in shock. I never ever thought he would ask!

Best day ever!


FUTURE  Bride:  Kelly Woodrow
FUTURE  Groom: Bevan Jones

Our Wedding Date:  2020

Who Proposed:  Bevan

Proposal Date:  26.1.19  Australia Day,

Proposal Location:    Glenelg Beach at Sunset


It’s a long story.

Went for dinner just the 2 of us at The Promenade (a fancy restaurant on the beachfront at Glenelg).

Bevan told me 2 of our friends were coming, they cancelled just before we left (the table was only booked for 2 though, so I asked if he rang and changed it lol). Bevan got the mate and his wife that were meant to come to dinner with us to go to our house and get Eddy (our dog).

Meanwhile we got ice creams from Copenhagen for dessert and it was so windy his ice cream was dripping everywhere haha.

Bevan said we should watch the sunset on the beach. He was cold and it was very windy so I said go back to the car and get a towel and blanket for us.

He was gone for what seemed ages and then he returned with Eddy wrapped up in a blanket with the ring in the box tied with a ribbon to Eddy’s harness. (I was worried he popped home and got Eddy or had him in the boot!! Thank goodness he had more sense than that)

So he did it at Glenelg beach at sunset and he got his mate and his wife to video it xx


FUTURE  Bride:   Mikayla Hart
FUTURE  Groom: Jack Burnett

Our Wedding Date: 16/11/19

Who Proposed: Jack

Proposal Date: 9/2/19

Proposal Location: On a cruise


On the lead up to the proposal Jack and his parents were having conversations that I wasn’t allowed to be apart of – they said it was about the upcoming cruise and a surprise they had planned (I thought it was going to be a shore tour or a room upgrade.)

Somehow Jack managed to buy the most amazing ring, in my size and then sneak it into the luggage!

When we got to our room on the cruise ship we had a big open balcony looking out to the ocean with chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne! It was so amazing and I thought that must have been the surprise! I was so happy,

I went to turn around to say thank you and Jack was on one knee holding the most gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. He told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend forever with me. Cute I know! Then we got to spend the next week traveling around Australia celebrating on a cruise!

Couldn’t have asked for a better proposal or a better person to spend forever with.


Congratulations sent to Chloe and Tom on your engagement, looks like you had a great time.

Images by Diana M Photography


Images by Diana M Photography


FUTURE  Bride:   Brooke Trudgen
FUTURE  Groom: Samuel Prosser

Our Wedding Date: TBA

Who Proposed: Sam

Proposal Date: 1.10.18

Proposal Location: New Zealand


Sam carefully planned his incredible proposal and the day was full of unbelievable surprises.

Surprise 1: The car. After telling me he had some errands to run so I should kill time by getting my nails done, Sam rolled up in an Audi R8 in the heart of Queenstown.

Surprise 2: The “picnic”. Sam told me we were taking the car for a drive and stopping for a picnic for lunch. What he didn’t mention until 5 minutes prior was that our transport to that picnic was via helicopter as it was ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN!!

Surprise 3: The question. Once we had landed on a snow covered mountain I immediately started taking photos of the amazing views. When I turned around, Sam was on one knee holding out the most stunning ring I’d ever seen. I then burst into tears as Sam asked me to marry him. I said yes and then cried a lot more.


FUTURE  Bride:   Ashley Brown
FUTURE  Groom: Nathaniel Signorelli

Our Wedding Date: Unknown

Who Proposed: Nathaniel

Proposal Date:

Proposal Location: Kuitpo Forrest


Our Proposal was honestly magical (I know, I’m biast) but it was everything I could have asked for and more.

My partner and I have been together for 6.5 years now and each day is a new adventure as I fall in love with him more every day. We started dating when we were 15 and 17 (childhood sweethearts)

In February of 2018 we celebrated our 6 year anniversary, now something about Nathaniel is he used to joke about getting engaged. Every time I’d bring it up and ask he’d jokingly say “well that’s another year” which I’m so thankful he did because I had no idea he was going to ask me.

Bringing it back to February 3rd 2018, two days after our anniversary.

Nathaniel had organsied an “anniversary surprise” (a puppy was my first thought, if only!).

On this day he had organsied with our two best friends (which also happen to be his cousin and her partner) to drive me too this secret location. Once we are there, we get out of the car  and tell me the surprise is a gorgeous picnic up in Kuitpo (I LOVE picnics, and had recently spoken about it).

Now obviously our friends knew the plan so they made sure I looked and dressed nicely. As we walk around the corner; there is my love standing in his suite smiling. Now I’m confused!, he walks over gives me a kiss and says “we are going to get new photos taken” as his Auntie is a photographer! I had asked him a while back for new “updated” couple photos.

So as we are standing there taking our 100th photo, Nathaniel’s younger cousin walks out from behind a tree playing the most beautiful arrangement on his Violin and I turn to face Nathaniel who is on one knee.

There he asked the question I’d been waiting for. It was beautiful, we had butterflies flying around us, his Auntie captured the whole moment. My best friends were there and I got to eat cheese.

It was a beautiful day spent with a beautiful man who shows he does listen and turns out is super romantic. The ring is gorgeous and suits me perfectly.

As for the wedding: we know where we want to say I do, but as for now we are going to cherish each other and this new step in our relationship.


FUTURE  Bride: Laura Cottle
FUTURE  Groom: Tom Cornwall

Our Wedding Date:  21.4.19

Who Proposed: Tom

Proposal Date: On our 7th Anniversary.

Proposal Location: Cinema in Adelaide CBD.


He proposed on our 7th anniversary at the Mercury cinema, where he had booked out a whole theater for us to watch the movie ‘About Time’ (pun intended!) with a bottle of champagne.

After the movie finished, another film came on the screen, this time starting with my parents…then the rest of my family and friends! He had secretly filmed everyone and gave them a rhyming script to read.

At the end, he came on screen and asked ‘isn’t it about time?’ The cinema lights came on and he knelt in front of me and proposed with the most gorgeous ring!


Trent & myself have known each other since we were approx 11 years old, we went to the same primary school, then carried onto the same high school.

Trent and I were always friends, we both left school in year 10 & 11 we ended up being best of friends out of school.

We both knew each others families and got on very well, (Trent even lived with my other brother)

I asked Trent out when i was about 16/17 which he said no and told me our friendship was to good to ruin (well this friend ship grew and grew) we turned 18 and Trent then asked me out and I said no as our friendship was even better!!

We then made a pack when we were 18 that if we both were single at the age of 25 we would get together.

A few years later myself 23 & Trent 24 we decided it would be time to get together. We had always spoken about marriage and families. it wasn’t until we found out that both of us needed help to have a family. we both ended up with issues we didn’t know we had.

We started our IVF journey, which didn’t ended very well at the beginning. we had 5 rounds of IVF which we then finally fell pregnant but was told that I wasn’t able to carry the baby as my count was to low. We couldn’t understand why (any who) I was still pregnant and on Christmas eve I was told I was going to misscarry today or in the next few days.

Christmas morning came, I couldn’t work out why Trent was up so early (6AM) I got up to find him and he was in the kitchen (I thought he was getting a drink) I then walked about. Trent then walked behind me and called my name. I turned around to look and him with tears in his eyes I then read his top which said WILL YOU MARRY ME, I was like what? Trent then got on his knee and proposed to me and asked me to Marry him.

I was completely shocked and of course i said yes!!!

I couldnt wait to plan our wedding day.

A few days later we lost the baby, this was very hard for us as it would be anyone!

We decided that we would push the wedding until we could have a family. 2 years later we now have a little 8 month old girl and we are about to exchange our vows in November!!

I ended up with endometriosis, another round of IVF and x2 transfer.

We couldn’t be any more happier and in love.

We know that if we can conquer IVF and get through what we went through we know that we will get through anything!! 😊

Thank you for letting me share our story.


FUTURE  Bride:  Tracey Arthur
FUTURE  Groom: Darren Finocchio

Our Wedding Date: 15.9.2018

Who Proposed: Darren

Proposal Date: Christmas morning 2017

Proposal Location: Sage Hotel Adelaide. CLICK HERE to Visit their listing.


Darren sprung an overnight stay at the Sage Hotel on me for Christmas Eve. I got very excited and called my closest friend of 36 years and debriefed with her if Darren was going to propose as it was unusual for him to book accommodation randomly.

I decided to go with the flow and have some fun and not worry about the cauliflower bake I had to have ready at 11am Christmas morning.

We booked in and I was super nervous but excited. We had dinner and got distracted by a large group of Irish Pikies who were loud and a bit out of control. We ended up laughing and going to another venue for dinner. As we walked past, I made comment about the pretty dresses at Bridal on Pultney (which is where I bought my dress).

No proposal that night, but by then I’d mostly forgotten about it and enjoyed our time together.

Christmas morning we were talking and Darren asked if I’d like my gift, to which I said, ‘but the hotel stay is my present’. Darren then pulled back the sheets to reveal a box that he’d snuck in and onto my tummy. I was thinking ‘earrings, necklace’ and it wasn’t until I opened the box did I realised he was proposing. Inside was the most beautiful ring that he’d had a part in designing. I’d never seen anything so incredible and sparkly.

Darren asked me to marry him Christmas morning as he knew we’d be with my family and that everyone would be ecstatic as we’re so deeply in love and are lucky to have found each other (on Tinder).

Our wedding was perfect and we couldn’t be happier 😍😁


FUTURE  Bride:   Louise Harper
FUTURE  Groom: Chris Boyd

Our Wedding Date: 27.9.2019

Who Proposed: Chris

Proposal Location: Monarto Zoo


Chris has arranged a personal one on one baby giraffe feeding at Monarto Zoo with the newly born giraffe. He had managed to keep everything a secret all the zoo staff new what was happening and helped keep the surprise. During feeding the baby giraffe from the back of a ute, Chris hopped on one knee and proposed with an engagement ring.


FUTURE  Bride:  Malinda Egglestone
FUTURE  Groom: Martin Mucha

Our Wedding Date: 24/11/18

Who Proposed:  Martin

Proposal Date:

Proposal Location:  Machu Picchu, Peru


Martin and I traveling through South America over Christmas/New Years 2017/2018.

We hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for 4 days, camping along the way, hiking 45km up mountains through sunshine and pouring rain, along rocky paths and through mud.

On the final day of hiking we arrived at Machu Picchu.

We went up to a lookout point and as we were having a photo with the famous ruins behind us, Martin turned to me, held my hands and confessed his love for me.

He then dropped down on one knew and pulled out a ring he had been hiding the whole trip in his backpack.

He asked if I would marry him and I said yes!


FUTURE  Bride:  Rebecca Anson
FUTURE  Groom:  Russell Pilbeam

Our Wedding Date:  23.2.2019

Who Proposed:  Russell

Proposal Date:  11.50pm New Years Eve

Proposal Location:  Munich, Germany


We have been together for nearly 10 years and we were on a 4 week holiday traveling through Europe. With Munich being our first stop.

On the day of the proposal we visited Dachau Concentration Camp which wasn’t the most romantic start to the day.

Just before Russ proposed we went to a New years festival called Tollwood and enjoyed German bands singing well known songs in very bad English.

We were the only english speaking people in a crowded tent of over 500 people so we were having fun being the only ones singing and dancing to the music. At about 11.45 my partner decided he was too tired to stay for the New Year countdown and he wanted to leave. I was so disapointed as I was having so much fun so I was mad when he made me leave.

It was freezing cold and snowing when we left but Russ made an excuse as we passed a beautiful old church that he was tired and wanted to sit on the steps for a minute. Next thing I knew he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him.

I was so shocked that I cried uncontrollably for over 10 minutes until he finally asked me again to give him an answer as he was worried I wouldn’t say yes.

Even though we had been together for so long I didn’t expect him to propose but of course I said yes!

As we went to leave and go back to our hotel the clock struck midnight and the streets filled with people setting off thousands of fireworks everywhere around us. We even were struck by a firework as we walked back to the hotel. We were both okay but it was a funny story to tell.

No words can describe the beauty of the moment we shared or the chaos that followed afterwards but it certainly was the most special and memorable night I have ever experienced.


FUTURE  Bride:     Estelle Le Sueur
FUTURE  Groom:  Sean O’Gorman

Our Wedding Date:  10/10/2020

Who Proposed:  Sean

Proposal Date:  13/02/2018

Proposal Location:  On a cruise just off the headland of South Australia


We had booked a cruise in a luxury Suite room for the first time, and Sean arranged an intimate gourmet dinner with the chef, and a limited number of people, that night.

It was the day before Valentines day, and although we had discussed getting engaged and having a long engagement (which is what I wanted),Sean didn’t want to be engaged before we graduated Uni in two years time.

We were all dressed up and ready to go, on the balcony of our room drinking champagne and watching the sun set, when Sean (full of nerves) got down on one knee and said “I love you so much, I want to marry you” and I started nodding like crazy!

I later found out he had the ring for 6 months beforehand and had specially picked a ring he knew I’d love. He had cameras set up inside the room, on the windows, which recorded the whole thing!

When we went down to dinner we had an amazing night, full of elderly couples who were thrilled to be the first people we told of our engagement (as there was no phone signal at the time).

They became our self proclaimed grandparents for the night and showered us with good wishes.


FUTURE  Bride:  Kristen Jones
FUTURE  Groom:  Nathan Letton

Our Wedding Date:  27/4/19

Who Proposed:  Nathan

Proposal Date:  3/10/17

Proposal Location:

Coffin Bay


Nathan and I are actually 10 years and 3 days apart (I’m older). We initially met when I was his Year 9 History teacher but we reconnected years later after he had graduated.

It began as a friendship and developed into a deep love.

Nathan proposed to me just over a year and half of dating (though he knew after a year according to him).

We had driven to Coffin Bay to visit family and whilst on a day trip to Almonta Beach, Nathan got down on one knee when he realised we were the only two there.

He read to me a beautiful love letter he had written.

We both hugged. We both cried. And now we are planning our special day.


FUTURE  Bride:     Kristieanne Barrowcliff
FUTURE  Groom:  James

Our Wedding Date:  To be arranged

Who Proposed:  James

Proposal Date:

Proposal Location:


We started dating in year 7, years ago, and we went to different high schools so it only lasted a year.

10 years later we reconnected, we agreed to meet at the Adelaide Casino and I was nervous so I had a bit to drink.

I saw him and yelled “JAMES”, every one heard me and I ran up to him and jumped on him and gave him a big hug.

We talked for a few hours and my housemate went home with a man and forgot to give me the keys so James said “you can come back to mine, I’ll sleep on the couch so you can get sleep and I’ll drive you home”.

Well I never ended up leaving, he wanted me to move in so I did.

We have had so many ups and downs moving house a lot and he meet my daughter from another relationship and loved her at first site, treated her like his own.

3 years later we had a baby girl together.

Now we’ve been together for almost 7 years but can’t afford a wedding as I’m spending it on medication.  I’ve broken my spine and in pain so our wedding is on hold for now for a few years and going to be a few more years after my surgery.

I have to learn to walk again and I am determined to walk on my wedding day.


FUTURE  Bride:  Grace Crabb
FUTURE  Groom:  James Robinson

Our Wedding Date:  23/10/2020

Who Proposed:  James

Proposal Date:  1/12/2017

Proposal Location:  At Home


James and I have known each other for quite a while since 2012 and he watched me go through heaps of relationships that didn’t work out and we dated for 2 months last year until one of my ex’s broke us but then I finally decided to get back with James and that’s when I finally realised that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with James and from that day I kept on asking him to ask me to marry him and he finally proposed to me on the 1st of December 2017 at my house in the lounge room laying on a mattress hugging me and we are now slowly planning our wedding which is the 23rd of October 2020.


The Proposal as told by Kate.

I came home from a stressful day at work, late on a Wednesday Night.

As I approached the front door I saw flickering lights through the glass panel and for a second freaked out.

When I opened the door I saw that is was hundreds of tea light candles.  They were arranged in a pathway for me to follow from the front door, through the passage, into the living room and leading to the dining table.

It was dark and I called out for Tom but there as no sign of him.

The table was covered in rose peals and I could see a big lump of them in the middle.

I put my stuff down and went looking for Tom.  He jumped out from behind the couch and surprised me.

He guided me back to the table and told me to dig through the petals, so I did.

At the bottom of the pile there was a ring box.

My heart skipped a beat and I excitedly opened it but it was empty!

I turned around to look at Tom and he was down on one knee holding the most perfect engagement ring.

I don’t even remember what I said besides jumping up and down and turning into a blubbering mess!.

My answer clearly a YES though.

Tom then opened a bottle of Moet champagne made in the year that we first met, 2008, and we celebrated together until late into the night.

It was absolutely perfect and the best night of my life!.

WEDDING  DATE:  November 2019