Sally & Luke

Sally & Luke

FUTURE  Bride: Sally Kraft
FUTURE  Groom: Luke Gregor

Our Wedding Date: 22/02/2020

Who Proposed: Luke

Proposal Location: Granite Island 31.8.19


Luke told me to keep the particular saturday night free as he had tickets to a show.

On the day he rocked up at my house when i finished work and told me to pack an overnight bag and that we were going for a drive.

We ended up at Victor Harbour, checked in at our accommodation and Luke suggested we take a walk as we had time before the show.

So we walked around Granite Island, sat on a bench seat watching the sunset and chatting, he got up and got down on one knee and proposed!!

Turned out there was no tickets to a show! His proposal was the show!!

And he had been  to my parents house that morning to ask for their blessing!

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