Samantha & Trent

Samantha & Trent

Trent & myself have known each other since we were approx 11 years old, we went to the same primary school, then carried onto the same high school.

Trent and I were always friends, we both left school in year 10 & 11 we ended up being best of friends out of school.

We both knew each others families and got on very well, (Trent even lived with my other brother)

I asked Trent out when i was about 16/17 which he said no and told me our friendship was to good to ruin (well this friend ship grew and grew) we turned 18 and Trent then asked me out and I said no as our friendship was even better!!

We then made a pack when we were 18 that if we both were single at the age of 25 we would get together.

A few years later myself 23 & Trent 24 we decided it would be time to get together. We had always spoken about marriage and families. it wasn’t until we found out that both of us needed help to have a family. we both ended up with issues we didn’t know we had.

We started our IVF journey, which didn’t ended very well at the beginning. we had 5 rounds of IVF which we then finally fell pregnant but was told that I wasn’t able to carry the baby as my count was to low. We couldn’t understand why (any who) I was still pregnant and on Christmas eve I was told I was going to misscarry  today or in the next few days.

Christmas morning came, I couldn’t work out why Trent was up so early (6AM) I got up to find him and he was in the kitchen (I thought he was getting a drink) I then walked about. Trent then walked behind me and called my name. I turned around to look and him with tears in his eyes I then read his top which said WILL YOU MARRY ME, I was like what? Trent then got on his knee and proposed to me and asked me to Marry him.

I was completely shocked and of course i said yes!!!

I couldnt wait to plan our wedding day.

A few days later we lost the baby, this was very hard for us as it would be anyone!

We decided that we would push the wedding until we could have a family. 2 years later we now have a little 8 month old girl and we are about to exchange our vows in November!!

I ended up with endometriosis, another round of IVF and x2 transfer.

We couldn’t be any more happier and in love.

We know that if we can conquer IVF and get through what we went through we know that we will get through anything!! 😊

Thank you for letting me share our story

Congratulations on your engagement, but more so on your precious bundle of joy.