Samara & Dion

Samara & Dion

FUTURE  Bride:   Samara Huxtable
FUTURE  Groom:  Dion Bavaresco

Our Wedding Date:  22.2.2020

Who Proposed:  Dion


Dion took me away on a surprise get away to the beautiful secluded villas called Pike river near Berri SA. They were very Luxurious and private, the villa balcony over looked the pike river.

The second night of our stay we were just relaxing enjoying a glass of wine waiting for the sunset. As the sun prepares to go down Dion grabbed the Camera and asked me to take photos of the sunset.

So I stood up and took some beautiful pictures of the sunset, photos I now treasure for a reminder of that special moment. Dion then asked if he could ask me something…. so I turn around to find him on one knee asking that special question “will you Marry me”! Of course I said yes while a blubber mess!

We spent the rest of the evening over looking the river and enjoying the Sunset.

It was a perfect surprise! Well worth the 6 year wait!

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