How To Support Wedding Businesses During COVID-19

How To Support Wedding Businesses During COVID-19

First we must say it is early days and we do not know what lays ahead during this chaotic time, first the fire, now this, surely the year can only get better.

The most important thing is that we all follow the guidelines set down by the state and health officials and please stay home whenever possible.

Check on elderly relatives regularly, via phone and most of all please stay safe.

If you are planning or had planned your wedding you will be feeling frantic, left in the air with no way to turn and this is exactly how the businesses you were dealing with for your wedding are feeling.

Small businesses and sole traders have already had so many postponements and cancellations for this year it is going to hard on everyone.

Just one of our suppliers has had 92 cancellations.  YES 92.

All wedding suppliers are hurting, but are all trying to support each other through this time and all are committed to being ready when the time comes that everything can go back to some sort of normal.

The wedding suppliers want to be there to assist in your day, and it will come.

Below are some ideas we put together of ways that everyone can support the very suppliers that are going to ultimately deliver the wedding you wished for.


There are so may reasons you should choose postone and not cancel.

It is better to postpone now to ensure everyones safety, (guests, suppliers etc).

Postpone now and it is in your control, you have postponed,  we are sure there will be a time in the near future when the Government will be postponing your wedding, so take control now.

All the work you have services you have put in place can still take place, just at a later date.

If you cancel all together then you will have to start from scratch with all suppliers and the stress is a major concern, and also, due to postponements, you may be waiting so much longer for a suitable date.

Postponement also gives reassurance to your suppliers.


Given what may be coming over the next few months, this may be a hard call for some, but worth thinking about.

Pay in installments, this will ensure you pay smaller amounts over a given time which will assist the supplier and yet you are still in controle of the finance.

Pay a larger deposit upfront, this also will assist suppliers.

We do not know how many people will lose jobs from what is happening and quite frankly it is scary.


Let them know that you are still going to use them.  This is reassuring and just may make their day.  Good news at this time is welcome.


The one thing that everyone can do and no one is going to catch COVID-19 is jump onto social media platforms and like and share your suppliers, share them on Instagram, fb etc and a few nice words or thoughts can make a difference.


Tell people of the dealings you have had so far, are you happy with the service to date, then tell them.  It costs nothing and your kind words may make a huge difference to someone in these uncertain times.


  • Send some flowers to someone via your florist,
  • Orders cookies or a small cake from your cake suppliers
  • Caterers, are they doing take away or delivery services, this will save you cooking for a night, and that’s not a bad idea.
  • If your venue has a restaurant attached they also may be doing take away or collect meals.

This is just a start of a list regarding ways to support suppliers, after all at the moment we have no idea what lays ahead.

If you can think of other ways then why not leave a comment at the bottom.

We wish you well during these trying times and hope you stay positive, safe and well.

The team at Wedding Suppliers. xx

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