Tylah & Joshua

Tylah & Joshua

FUTURE  Bride:  Tylah Corbett
FUTURE  Groom: Joshua Mundy

Our Wedding Date: 8.8.20

Who Proposed: Joshua

Proposal Date: 30.6.19

Proposal Location: Home


It was my birthday & Joshua treated me to a nice birthday lunch in Quorn.

On our drive home I could tell he was feeling nervous but I didn’t say anything because I started feeling nervous too with a slight little thought on my brain that today might be the day!

When we got home Josh presented me with a birthday cake he made all on his own with my favourite pastel colours and flowers, he told me to serve myself up a slice while he was ‘getting changed’.

I’m a massive lover of food so immediately dove into my piece of cake when I heard the floor creak behind me.

I turned around and there Josh was holding the ring box, I had a mouth full of food and immediately started ugly crying (not one of my finest moments but a very fitting one) & that’s when he asked me marry him to which I joyfully accepted & swallowed my cake so I wouldn’t choke from excitement.

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