The idea of A Bride to Be came to life following my very own experience with wedding dress shopping.

Like most upcoming brides, I dove headfirst into the unknown with high hopes.

I thought that wedding dress shopping would be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of not only my wedding, but of my life as a whole.

So, as a non-supermodel bride-to-be lacking the killer body and limitless funds to match, I was starting to lose hope. At this point, I figured I’d probably be lucky to walk down the aisle in a soccer jersey and flannelette PJ pants. I had 3 major problems, and they went a little something like this;

  • The dresses were out of my price range, by thousands and thousands.
  • The dresses certainly weren’t designed for midget non-supermodels with giant boobs.
  • The dresses were all blinding white and washed me out like you’ve never seen before.

Springing to mind was my subconscious yelling “Girl, you’ve got connections!” Rightly so, which is why I set out to resolve my 3 major problems as soon as I could. I thought to myself “Why don’t I just design my own dress, have it tailored specifically for me, and pay an affordable price?”

I thought, “Why don’t I create my own tailored wedding business, one where brides can personally design their dresses to suit their exact style and taste, and one where we can celebrate real, non-supermodel bodies?”

So I did and A Bride To Be.  Dare To Be Different was born.


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