Custom Designed Proposal – POA

Custom Designed Proposal – POA

Create a Proposal as Unique as Your Love Story

Custom-Designed Marriage Proposals are crafted to be special in every sense of the word. Expert Wedding Planners work in consultation with your vision, ensuring that your proposal is a true reflection of your love story. Whether you dream of an elaborately extravagant proposal or a more intimate setting, we offer a wide variety of ideas individually tailored to speak to the heart.

What’s Included in Our Custom-Designed Marriage Proposals:

Collaboration with Expert Wedding Planners: Our experienced Wedding Planners collaborate with you to understand your vision, preferences, and the unique elements that define your relationship.

Tailored Proposal Ideas: We design a proposal concept that aligns with your love story, creating a unique and memorable experience.

Elaborate or Intimate Settings: Whether you envision a grand and elaborate proposal or a more intimate setting, we bring your dream to life with creativity and precision.

Custom-Designed Elements: From decor and ambiance to special touches that are meaningful to you both, we incorporate custom-designed elements that make the proposal uniquely yours.

Thoughtful Planning: Our planners meticulously plan every detail, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience leading up to the big moment.

Execution Excellence: On the day of the proposal, we handle the execution with precision, allowing you to focus on the joyous moment without any worries.

Spectacular Add-Ons for Your Proposal:

Indoor/Outdoor Fireworks – from $695: Imagine a breathtaking fountain of firework sparklers shooting 3 meters in the air to celebrate the magical moment when they say YES!

Will You Marry Me LED Lights – from $195: Small LED lights in warm white that add a romantic glow to your proposal setting.

Outdoor Up Lighting – from $495: Lights strategically placed around the venue to highlight pillars and walls in the colors of your choice, with over 16,000 color variations available.

Dry Ice – Dancing on a Cloud – from $495: Create a beautiful and spectacular effect with dry ice, giving the illusion of dancing on a cloud. Perfect for a romantic proposal.

Personalized Monograms – from $295: Splash your partner’s name and ‘Will You Marry Me?’ across a wall or backdrop for a personalized touch.

String Ensemble – from $795: Set the perfect romantic vibe with our String Ensembles, offering a repertoire that spans classical, jazz, and covers of modern pop music.

Videographer – from $895: Capture the magic of your proposal with spectacular footage, perfect for creating lifelong memories.

Photographers – from $895: Our photographers capture treasured memories of your proposal, blending natural, photojournalistic, and artistic images.

Private 5-Star Chef – POA: Treat yourselves to a personal chef cooking for you both in the comfort of your home or the location of your choice.

Flash Mob Dance – from $2,000: Our dance crew will perform a flash mob to entertain in a public or private location, adding an extra WOW factor to your proposal.

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Please note: The only involvement by Wedding Suppliers SA is to connect you with a consultant that can create the ideal package for you, we are not connected with the event organisers in any way, but you will be in good award winning hands.