Guestbook – Why Have One

Guestbook – Why Have One

The idea of having a guest book is that sometimes it is not easy to get to chat with everyone at your wedding and sit and get their wishes and advise for your future, or for them to share something special with you.

The Guest Book is a great way for people to enter their thoughts, advise, wisdom and wishes for you both that you can keep as a lovely reminder of your wedding day and the special feelings given from your guests.


In a simple word no.  It is your wedding and your choice.

A lot of people have them so they can look at them from time to time as a keepsake.

There are alternatives to a guestbook.


Somewhere where it is readily available and easy to locate, however, you do not want people to have to line up to write in the book.

If this is the case you are more likely to get a long list of “Good Luck’ and “Best Wishes” comments as people may be tired of waiting so will just jot something quick down so they can get back to the festivities.

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