Surrealist Wedding Painting

Surrealist Wedding Painting

The owners of Wedding Suppliers SA are great lovers of SA art.  One of the states talented artists is Andrew Robert Baines a well known SA surrealist artist.

Recently Andrew was commissioned to create a wedding painting.  YES a wedding painting.  The couple didn’t want stereotypical wedding photos and this was created for them.

The bride loves pandas, so naturally the painting shows the wedding party being attacked by pandas!

Andrews work has been displayed worldwide and he has won many awards from 2004 on wards.

Only in SA could you find yourself walking along the beach and see 100 people lined up in suits sitting on toilets as the water laps over their shoes, or a cow or two taking a paddle. If you did then you would know that Andrew was near and ready to create another vision.

If you have ever thought of being immortalised on canvas then you could always discuss it with guests and set up a wishing well.  We think it is a great alternative and keepsake and art all in the one.

We would like to wish the couple in the painting a wonderful life together and congratulate Andrew on yet another beautiful piece.

If you would like to contact Andrew here is a link to his website.  View and enjoy…we do. Click here to view Andrews website.

Andrews paintings have been on full time display at Greenhill Galleries since 1997. Enjoy a bit of SA and pop down and browse and take in some of the wonderful art that is created in our state.

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