Wedding Car – Decoration

Wedding Car – Decoration

The car has arrived to take you to your ceremony.

Neighbours may come outside to congratulate you and see you off.

As you are driven to the ceremony location quite often people will wave or toot their horns at you and even lower a window for impromptu congrats if you are sat at traffic lights.

How do people know it is a wedding car and not collecting a businessman from the airport?  SIMPLE.  It is decorated and looks exciting.

The feeling you get is one of excitement, and yes you feel regal and special, as you should.

Decorating a car is easy and can be done by anyone, you don’t need a certificate of decoration to decorate a car and make it look stunning.

In years gone buy decorating the car used to be “job” of the groomsmen with input from the bridesmaids, however, now it is more a combined effort, anyone can be involved, even the bride and groom.  It is your choice.

When decorating the vehicle, keep in mind that you can use the car in wedding photos from a wide range of angles and as a backdrop so make the most of decorations.

Decoration is determined by the theme, design and perhaps colours you are incorporating in your wedding or bouquet.  There is no hard fast rule though and you can decorate it how ever you would like.

Items you can use to decorate the car:

  • The favourite of course is fresh flowers and tulle
  • Cans and plastic bottles can be attached to the rear bumper
  • A “Just Married” sign is always popular, but leave this until you are on the way from the ceremony to the reception. Let’s not false advertise
  • Balloons are also popular, they are also available with wedding slogans printed on them
  • Ribbons, satin usually
  • Streamers, paper but ensure that will not tear whilst in transit
  • Vinyl slogans for inside the back window
  • Pompoms made from paper or even made from a group of balloons

As you can see there is a vast arrangement of items that can be used and decorating is fun and exciting but be careful as you don’t want to damage the car and incur fees for damages.

Keeping this in mind we suggest avoiding these materials:

  • Any sort of sticking tape or electrical take
  • Cans touching the paintwork or any part of the vehicle
  • Whipped cream
  • String, as this can move around and scratch the vehicle

The main area to concentrate on is the external area of the car and there are a few choice of places to put decorations.  Here are a few examples:

Ribbon from either side of the bonnet and down to the grill with a bunch of flowers on either side of the bonnet would look stunning.

Vehicles have two mirrors, why not decorate those also.

Even door handles can be decorated.

We love this huge bow on the boot of the car.

A lovely decoration on the top of the bonnet with married teddy bears. So cute.

You could start with a simple ribbon and let your mind run wild. Enjoy

Old fashioned tins and string, An oldie but a goodie.

Defending on the type of vehicle, why not include some luggage. After all you are “leaving” as a married couple.

Enjoy the look of the vehicle and ensure you have some beautiful photographs of you both with the car.

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