Consider an Environmentally Sustainable Wedding

Consider an Environmentally Sustainable Wedding

Typically, a wedding can be quite a wasteful affair. The amount of plastic thrown away and the amount of travel/transport time necessary, are just some of the factors that contribute to environmentally unsustainable practices.

Considering how far guests and wedding suppliers will have to travel, can help to greatly reduce emissions by choosing a centralised location. Likewise, choosing suppliers that source their products locally, or are Australian made, will help to reduce unnecessary carbon waste.

Avoiding plastic waste when possible is also a great idea, you can speak to your caterer about a recycling policy. Asking your caterer and cake maker to use ethically and environmentally sustainable food also makes a huge difference to your wedding’s emissions.

It’s a great idea to support the Australian economy whenever possible in today’s current financial climate. Using an Australian made wedding gown or a vintage/second-hand gown is another great way to reduce your environmental impact.

Have you considered using vegan make-up? This type of make-up is sourced cruelty free, as such, it avoids the breeding of animals for exploitation. This is another option to help keep your wedding environmentally sustainable and ethical.

Fairtrade diamond rings are another great option to explore. These rings are certified to be free from environmental degradation. Diamond rings that are not certified Fairtrade, often include diamonds that are mined by children with little regard to environmental impact and health & safety.

Another great idea is to choose flowers that are grown and produced locally. This avoids any unnecessary shipping requirements and helps to support the Australian economy. Talk to your florist about locally sourced options.

Another option is to use recycled paper invitations, or to send invites via the internet. This helps to reduce and unnecessary wastage of paper and printing costs. Speak to your wedding invitation supplier about these options.

Finally, make sure you choose to hire as many items as possible instead of purchasing, this ensures that everything can be recycled to a much higher degree. If everyone chooses even just a few of the above options for their wedding, together we could make a huge difference!

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