Decorating The Wedding Vehicle

Decorating The Wedding Vehicle

Decorating the wedding “getaway” vehicle is quite easy.

Where and how you can decorate will depend on the style of transport, but you can still make any form of transport look great.

The decorating of the wedding vehicle is usually left in the capable hands of the bridal party, being the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Transport can be decorated to suit the theme or colour of the wedding and be simple, elegant, fun and funny.

Keep in mind there will be a lot of photographs so it does want to look good and you may want to keep a spray bottle or water and cloth in the vehicle to remove an marks from vehicle prior to photographs.

There are many different forms of wedding transport, cars, tractors, trucks, carriages, if you can drive it on a road it can be used, so make the most of it and decorate away.

Some things to remember when decorating a vehicle:

  • Make sure you have permission from the owner or hire company prior to decorating
  • Ensure you only use objects or materials which will not damage the paintwork or any part of the vehicle


The bonnet and grill will be the first parts of a vehicle that people see, so make a first great impression.

You may want just a simple ribbon on the vehicle and carry a bouquet or arrangement of flowers which can be placed on the bonnet for photographs.

You could keep it simple and use ribbon then place flowers on bonnet for photographs.

An arrangement which is securely fastened can work but the flowers may get damaged during travel.

If not using fresh flowers, you could also use artificial flowers.

The definition of the vehicle can be enhanced by the placement of flowers.

Yes, even a golf cart can be decorated for your wedding. This is a great idea if you are having photos taken at various locations on a golf course and then following up with the reception all in the one location.

A simple placement of ribbon will look effective from the emblem of some vehicles.

As close as you will get to a bonnet on a carriage, this is a lovely heart shaped wreath with another line of flowers above. Looks lovely.

Lovely flowers and bears on a bonnet for a wedding. Great keepsake photo.

Closed in carriages can be decorated with a large floral arrangement on the roof.

Motorbike and sidecar dressed for the occasion.

Kombi’s look great with a simple colourful line of flowers under the front windscreen.


When decorating a grill remember it may look great, but there does need to be suitable air flow, so don’t go overboard.


You are now officially a married couple and as you drive away why not scream it from the car.

Bumpers can be decorated with tin can’s, signage and of course flowers, let your imagination run wild but ensure nothing is hazardous when on the road.

When decorating bumpers ensure can’s ARE NOT attached to the front bumper.  Yes, believe it or not, but it has happened and they can get stuck under the vehicle.

If you are going to attach tin can’s then ensure they are on the rear so they follow the vehicle, and are securely fastened.

Let everyone know.

Signage, flowers and decoration, what could be better. Suits the style of vehicle.

A stunning plastic ribbon will endure the weather and looks elegant.


Decorations can look great but must not obstruct view in mirror.

When decorating a mirror remember is is the non mirrored side that is to be decorated.  Yes, it has happened before, you want people to see the decoration as you arrive.

A small bunch of flowers, will look beautiful when arriving and does not obstruct vision.

So simple, yet stands out and looks stunning.


Another part of a vehicle which can get some attention is the door handles.

Make sure no sharp foliage can damage the vehicle.

A bright flower to make the eyes pop as you drive past.

No rules on how many doors to decorate, one or all.


On the inside of the vehicle usually the back shelf is decorated with tulle, ribbon and flowers.

Nothing must restrict the view.

From the inside of the vehicle there must be no restriction of view.

The finishing touch on any vehicle is the rear window decoration.

What to use:

  • If wanting to write a slogan on the windows use a bar of soap, shaving cream or even window cling film which will not damage the windows and is easy to remove
  • Flower arrangement, garland on bonnet
  • Big ribbon bow on the bonnet with flowers in the centre of the bow
  • Chalkboard or signage to the boot or bumper (ensure no damage to vehicle paintwork) with Just Married written on the board
  • Pom Poms are popular
  • Balloons floating above the vehicle will certainly grab attention and receive a few toots and waives as the couple drive away. You can also buy them with Just Married printed on the balloons.  Easy to attach to door handles, bumpers and mirrors
  • Cans, plastic bottles from the rear bumper bar

Do not use:

  • Any form of tape
  • Wire ties or metal ties
  • Whipped cream can damage paintwork
  • Silly putty or string
  • If in doubt then do not use it, this is the easiest solution.

The vehicle can be used in wedding photography prior to decorating and again after decorating.

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